PhD completion seminar on ‘mathematical wellbeing’ – all welcomed!

Uncovering student values and wellbeing across mathematics and science education

Supervisors:  Prof Jan van Driel, Prof Wee Tiong Seah, A/Prof Peggy Kern 
Committee Chair: Prof Elizabeth McKinley

  Monday 14th August
 3pm – 4pm (Melbourne time)

: Room Q419, Kwong Lee Down Building, 234 Queensberry St, Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Zoom link:
Password: 903501

Abstract: Over the past few decades, interest in student wellbeing has increased worldwide. However, the literature lacks subject-specific foci on wellbeing, focusing instead on general wellbeing signalling a critical gap that this research aimed to address. Given the pervasive negative attitudes, emotions, under-participation, and disengagement of students in mathematics and science education, I argue for a wellbeing approach that supports students to thrive, which is contextualised to these subjects. Informed by value fulfilment theory, a mixed methods approach was employed, uncovering students’ values to develop then empirically confirm mathematical (MWB) and science (ScWB) wellbeing frameworks. Across diverse age groups, cultures, and countries, findings revealed seven core or ‘ultimate’ values supporting students’ MWB and ScWB: Accomplishments, cognitions, engagement, meaning, perseverance, positive emotions, and relationships. My research thus makes subject-specific wellbeing visible. Findings can potentially inform curriculum development, teacher training, and educational policies to support more engaging and meaningful mathematics and science pedagogy.