Month: May 2023

  1. Maths subjective wellbeing and maths achievement

    This empirical study involving more than 700 Grades 8 and 9 German students highlights the strength of the association between maths subjective wellbeing and maths achievement:

  2. Relating values to categories of beliefs about maths education

    Congrats to Andreas, Federica and Andrea on the publication of their article linking values and beliefs, specifically, beliefs about maths, and beliefs about maths teaching.

  3. The latest Malaysian study published!

    Congratulations to Hui Min and Qiaoping for having a paper published yesterday! It is based on Hui Min’s doctoral research study in Malaysia which compared what more than 400 secondary school students and their maths teachers valued in their maths learning and teaching respectively. Chia, H. M. & Zhang, Q. (2023). Comparing Malaysian secondary school […]