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  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Olivia and Anni!

    Congratulations to Olivia Zhang and Anni E, who had both been successful in their 2024 PhD application for The University of Melbourne to conduct research in our Third Wave Lab. Not only did they do well in the very competitive selection process, they had both also been awarded full scholarships from the Australian government: Melbourne […]

  2. Vale: Prof Alan J. Bishop (14 Oct 1937 – 18 Nov 2023)

    Fellow researchers of values/valuing in mathematics education, It is with a heavy heart and an immense sense of loss that I share the news here on the recent passing of Prof Alan J. Bishop in Cambridge, UK. As many of us know, Alan has had an illustrious research and academic career over a few decades […]

  3. Funded scholarship for a PhD study with a ‘mathematical wellbeing’ theme

    The University of Melbourne is offering a Strategic Scholarship for a full-time PhD study on mathematical wellbeing, to begin in 2024. The successful applicant will be supervised by Julia Hill and Wee Tiong Seah. Please share this news with your appropriate networks and contacts, e.g. Masters students!

  4. Julia Hill’s 2021 informal sharing re values and MWB

    Now that we have this website, we can share this video recording of Julia Hill’s informal presentation regarding values and mathematical wellbeing. Given that this took place nearly two years ago in 2021, the video recording provides us with some of Julia’s earlier conceptions. (Click title for URL link)

  5. Go for launch!

    Our this new website is officially launched today!I am confident that it will elevate our research / teaching to new levels, while bringing us closer together as a community!

  6. Adios ‘Third Wave Project’, hola ‘The Third Wave Lab’!

    As a research lab within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, this international consortium of ours is now more of an entity! This adds lots more possibilities and opportunities to the work we can do together amongst ourselves and with everyone else who are interested, which is really exciting.Since our start in 2008, we have […]