Month: February 2024

  1. The latest ‘values book’ is out!

    Our next collection of some of the latest findings in values/valuing research is now published! Editted by three of our colleagues in this area of mathematics educational research, YĆ¼ksel Dede, Gosia Marschall, and Philip Clarkson, “Values and valuing in mathematics education: Moving forward into practice” promises to be the go-to guide for designing and implementing […]

  2. Message from Dr Ralf Erens

    Dear friends in values research, For the upcoming 30th MAVI conference in September 2024, participantswho want a guaranteed admission to the conference need to pre-registerby February 16th in the pre-registration phase. Due to theextraordinary resonance of MAVI 30 in the community, the conferenceorganisers must have the opportunity to estimate the capacity ofconference rooms and accommodation. […]