Month: January 2024

  1. Miho’s cross-cultural analysis

    Miho Yamazaki spent some time in Melbourne to collect and analyse local data, before conducting a cross-cultural comparative study between Japanese and Australian students. The paper, written in Japanese, is accessible at:

  2. Postdoc opportunity at Uni of Melbourne

    The 2025 McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellowships Scheme is now open for applications, with EOIs due on 8 Mar 2024. This represents an excellent opportunity for early career researchers to conduct a research project here in Melbourne, Australia. If you have a values-related research idea, let me know and we might be able to work out a […]

  3. Latest from our Portuguese team

    Our Portuguese team, led by Ana Silvestre, has just published their latest findings on the last day of 2023 re the values embraced by secondary school teachers there. Congrats to the large team researching values in Portugal!Check out the paper by clicking on the ‘publications’ tab, or via the DOI:

  4. First values publication in 2024, probably!

    Enjoy your read! Osman, R., Ayub, H., Ilias, M.R., Badaruddin, Z., Mazhaimi, M.I.C. (2024). Values in mathematics classroom held by pre-service teachers. In Proceeding of the 29th National Symposium on Mathematical Sciences. AIP Publishing.