Category: <span>New writings</span> <p>Recent publications on values in maths education from anywhere in the world</p>

  1. Latest from our Portuguese team

    Our Portuguese team, led by Ana Silvestre, has just published their latest findings on the last day of 2023 re the values embraced by secondary school teachers there. Congrats to the large team researching values in Portugal!Check out the paper by clicking on the ‘publications’ tab, or via the DOI:

  2. First values publication in 2024, probably!

    Enjoy your read! Osman, R., Ayub, H., Ilias, M.R., Badaruddin, Z., Mazhaimi, M.I.C. (2024). Values in mathematics classroom held by pre-service teachers. In Proceeding of the 29th National Symposium on Mathematical Sciences. AIP Publishing.

  3. A research thesis on values in textbooks

    Well done, Şeyma, on completing a MSc research thesis which examines the extent to which the ten core values in the Turkish curriculum – namely, justice, friendship, honesty, self-control, patience, respect, love, responsibility, patriotism, and helpfulness – are being represented in Grades 5-12 mathematics textbooks published by the Turkish Ministry of National Education. Email me […]

  4. CONGRATS, Fatma too!

    Fatma’s latest paper reports on yet another study comparing F2F and distance learning with the values perspective.

  5. CONGRATS QP, Hui Min and Francesca …

    … for your research study which provides a values perspective to explaining why distance teaching during the global pandemic was no match to in-person teaching.

  6. Another report from Ghana …

    … this latest one focussing on how students’ valuing in primary, junior secondary and senior secondary schools in Ghana were different from one another. Congrats to Monica Carr and Ernest Davis!

  7. Latest findings from Portugal

    Congrats to Ana and Hélia, who recently presented on behalf of our Portuguese team their latest findings of a study investigating what teachers value, and how these relate to mathematical wellbeing. Their paper (in Portuguese) may be accessed from the ‘publications’ tab here, and so is a photo of their conference presentation. Silvestre, A. I., […]

  8. New publication from our Ghana team

    Congrats, Ernest and Amidu, on the publication of your paper investigating and comparing senior high school teachers’ values with their students’. An addition to the Values Alignment study!

  9. Maths teaching and the teaching of Bishop’s (1996) general educational values

    Here’s an interesting journal paper reporting on values teaching in a country that is seldom reported in Western literature, Bhutan:

  10. Bishop’s mathematical values in Chinese maths classrooms

    A recently-published journal article (in Chinese) of a study conducted in Zhejiang, China which found that all three pairs of Bishop’s (1988) mathematical values were evident in the randomly-selected Grade 6 class. In particular, ‘openness’ was very highly valued, at the expense of ‘mystery’. Congrats, Yan!Email me for a copy of the article, if anyone […]

  11. Maths subjective wellbeing and maths achievement

    This empirical study involving more than 700 Grades 8 and 9 German students highlights the strength of the association between maths subjective wellbeing and maths achievement:

  12. Relating values to categories of beliefs about maths education

    Congrats to Andreas, Federica and Andrea on the publication of their article linking values and beliefs, specifically, beliefs about maths, and beliefs about maths teaching.

  13. The latest Malaysian study published!

    Congratulations to Hui Min and Qiaoping for having a paper published yesterday! It is based on Hui Min’s doctoral research study in Malaysia which compared what more than 400 secondary school students and their maths teachers valued in their maths learning and teaching respectively. Chia, H. M. & Zhang, Q. (2023). Comparing Malaysian secondary school […]

  14. Cross-Tasman collab

    CONGRATS, Julia and Jodie, on your latest article examining how NZ students’ maths educational values might be affected by factors such as school, ethnicity, gender and grades! My weekend reading 😉

  15. Values in Korean textbooks

    This recent publication (in Korean) presents yet another approach to examining the maths and maths learning values that are represented in textbooks. Congrats to the authors!