Research studies

Book project

Our next book project will focus on how we can bring about more effective mathematics teaching by leveraging on values and valuing. The editors are Prof Yüksel Dede (Türkiye), Dr Gosia Marschall (UK), and Em Prof Philip Clarkson (Australia). Springer is the publisher and we are looking forward to launching the book at the 15th International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME-15), to be held in Sydney, Australia on 9 July, 2024 (Tues) at 11am.

PhD studies

“When will I ever use this and why?”: Exploring the connections between task values and student engagement when using authentic real-world contexts (Justine SAKURAI, MGSE, ongoing)

Developing students’ valuing in mathematics and science education: A self-persuasive approach (Julia HILL, FoE, 2024)

Teachers’ valuing of power distance and perceptions of interdisciplinary collaboration in a STEM setting (Yunying YANG, MGSE, 2023)

Exploring the value alignment between teachers and students in Malaysian secondary mathematics classrooms: A mixed methods study (Hui Min CHIA, Edn Uni of Hong Kong, 2022)

Research on values in mathematics classroom teaching in primary school (Yan LI, Zhejiang Normal Uni, 2022)

The role of value alignment in engagement and (dis)engagement in mathematics learning (Penelope Kalogeropoulos, Monash, 2016)

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