Study 9: Mathematical Wellbeing

A research study which identifies the underlying values which when fulfilled, led to a sense of empowering mathematical wellbeing for learners.

When values are acknowledged in the mathematics classroom, relationships are strengthened, students’ cultural identities are affirmed, students become more engaged, and ultimately, mathematics learning is enhanced

(Hill, Hunter & Hunter, 2019, p. 111)


Julia HILL (Melbourne Graduate School of Education)

Research teams:

AustraliaJulia HILL
Chinese mainlandJuan ZHONG
Jinsha Elementary School
Hong Kong SARDr Qiaoping ZHANG
The Education Uni of Hong Kong
New ZealandProf Jodie HUNTER
Massey University
1 281


Questionnaire (English version)

Questionnaire (Young learners version, Chinese)

2021 Young students in China indicating their choices through colouring in

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