The Third Wave Lab

an international consortium researching values and valuing in mathematics education

The Third Wave Lab is part of the Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Academic Group within the Faculty of Education, at The University of Melbourne, Australia. It stimulates and coordinates research studies undertaken by research teams based in more than 20 jurisdictions around the world, with the common approach of harnessing the motivational construct of values to improve mathematics and numeracy teaching and learning.

Valuing is defined as an individual’s embracing of convictions in mathematics pedagogy which are of importance and worth personally

(Seah, 2019, p.107)

Inspired by the pioneering work of the late Prof Alan BISHOP in the late 1980s, and founded by Prof Wee Tiong SEAH in 2008, the Third Wave Lab builds and strengthens teacher and learner capacity to develop values to more fully exploit their cognitive functions and affective modes in mathematics/numeracy education. This involves

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Last modified: 18 Jun 2024